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Now Accepting 2023 Appointments!

This year Capt. Ron Wolek will be body painting at Willie’s Chicken Shack at 221 Duval Street, Key West, FL

Hollywood Glam Meets Fantasy Fest in Key West! 

Get Painted by Award-Winning Ron Wolek and His Star-Studded Crew 

If you’re looking to turn heads and make a statement at Fantasy Fest 2023, look no further! Captain Ron Wolek and his team of real celebrity makeup artists are here to make your fantasy a reality.

 Meet Ron Wolek: Your Hollywood Connection 

Captain Ron Wolek is not just any makeup artist; he’s an **award-winning, licensed** makeup artist with a Hollywood pedigree. As a third-generation artist, Ron’s expertise has graced the sets of iconic shows like “Stranger Things,” “Walking Dead,” “Vampire Diaries,” and even the magical world of “Disneyland.”

Now, he’s bringing his Hollywood magic to the heart of Key West, exclusively for Fantasy Fest 2023!

 Why Choose Ron Wolek and His Crew? 

 Hollywood-Quality Makeup: Experience the same caliber of makeup that transforms Hollywood stars on the big screen. Ron and his crew are experts in creating stunning looks that will leave everyone in awe.

 Be a Work of Art: Whether you envision yourself as a character from your favorite show, a movie icon, or a unique fantasy creation, Captain Ron’s team can make it happen.

 Website:  Don’t wait! Book your appointment and be the living masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of at Fantasy Fest, with the expertise of Hollywood’s best.
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No Deposits required for 2023 Body Painting!

Book early and transform your body painting into a free everlasting memory. Capt. Ron Wolek will be sending all pre-booked clients an original piece of art after Fantasy Fest of their custom body paint! 

look at what capt. ron wolek can do to you!

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