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ELEVATOR ELEVATOR ELEVATOR You can trust in David and the OptimalBody system to get you the results you desire. He’s America’s number #1 trainer for baby boomers, people with limitations, and those challenged with physical conditions. How else would he have received the Life Time Achievement Award from the fitness icon himself Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as being inducted into The National Fitness Hall of Fame?

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Ron, 1982- : 3rd Generation
Janet, 1954-2014: 2nd Generation



About the Wolek Legacy

For the past three generations the Wolek’s have been innovators and adventurers within the Beauty Industry, beginning with Hank’s Moustache Club and Lois’ Beauty Cottage in New York, to Janet’s legacy at Walt Disney World in Florida, to Ron’s Hollywood expertise in California.

Captain Ron Wolek
Lois, 1927-2018: 1st Generation
Hank, 1922-1979: 1st Generation

Why You Should Hire Wolek Studios Makeup & Wig Company

Because I couldn’t find any effective fitness programs for my wife and I OR anyone I knew that was tailored to the specific needs of a person with any physical imitations for that matter, I decided to create this program. After seeing the extraordinary results from my own fitness journey, I decided it was time to share my program with my community of peers, those of us with some form of challenge that we need to conquer each day. Whether Whether you are a man OR a woman and your challenge is aging, inexperience in the gym or something more serious like a disease or physical condition, the program in this E-book will guide you through it.

I had to put my foot down and make a stance as I watched so many “30 day beach body” and “60 day insanity” programs being promoted and sold in the marketplace. Quite frankly, it pissed me off!! There are no easy or fast-track ways to succeed long term.

Though there may be many effective forms of training out there, the OptimalBody approach is different. Your typical fitness program, advertised in infomercials or described in magazines, assumes the person performing the workout has no limitations. The OptimalBody program understands everyone has a different starting point and that exercises may have to be modified depending on how you feel on any given day. What if you suffer from multiple sclerosis and experience symptoms of fatigue or neuropathy? Have COPD and lose your breath easily? Were diagnosed with cancer and are recovering from chemotherapy? How do you jump into a regular exercise program to build strength and regain your health? If the program is not adaptable to an individual’s fitness level, it will not work. It needs to be adjustable to a point where any person can have the confidence to begin, knowing they can work at their own pace and from a starting point that is safe for them. This is the basic concept of the OptimalBody approach to training.

Bring 3 generations of experience to your hair and makeup department.

If David can train and look like this at 60 years old with Multiple Sclerosis, there is no reason why you cannot achieve your optimal body! Follow his step by step multi-phase training program which has gotten him this physique despite his challenges and you too can transform your body. This program works whether you are a man OR woman looking to get into the best condition of your life.


About Our President, Ron Wolek

Ron Wolek put his career on a fast track by combining special effects makeup with a cosmetology license and quickly became the youngest Makeup Department Head in Disney history when he supervised over 60 union hair and makeup artists for the Disneyland Resort. Beginning his professional career in 1999 as part of the original with the award winning Orlando, Florida makeup team that produced the Wolf Brothers; he became a journeyman with the Hollywood Hair and Makeup union. His Resume included over 30 major motion picture credits on IMDB and several Broadway productions. Ron Wolek is a diverse expert in the beauty industry and continus to lead Wolek Studios Makeup and Wig Company toacquire the most adventurous projects and constantly expanding it’s scope of services.

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