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By Communications Chief
October 6th, 2021

There Is Such a Thing as Eco-Friendly Glitter and Captain Ron Wolek Has It at The Beauty Garden

In a world that continues to become more environmentally conscious, Captain Ron Wolek is leading the voyage in the seas of glitter.

What sets Captain Ron’s glitter apart from the rest is the glitter is plant and vegetable based and contains no plastics. This in turn makes the glitter easier to breakdown, making it safer for the environment.

Before Captain Ron bought his glitter, he took into careful consideration how to glitter would affect the environment.

“I care a lot about the environment in the Keys and I knew that I wanted to help be a part of the solution to helping the planet,” Captain Ron said. “Jumping on board with the official Fantasy Fest programs to collect and recycle beads in other Fantasy Fest materials is something that I strongly support and encourage. The best way to do that is to become a good example for others to follow.”

Thus far he’s happy with the results because it’s safe for the environment while also not taking away from overall quality of the final product.

“Eco – friendly glitter is actually better quality and a more expensive high – end material. When you go cheap on glitter you’re hurting the environment and using something that’s not friendly to the ecosystem.”

Other glitters used that are not biodegradable can harm the sea life and be dangerous to the coral reefs, which is extremely important for the Florida Keys.

You can count on Captain Ron and his loyal crew to not leave any treasure….or glitter behind.

Captain Ron Wolek will be offering eco-friendly glitter makeup at Wolek Studios’ location The Beauty Garden next to Fairvilla on 524 Front Street in Key West October 20-26 2019.

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