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By Communications Chief
October 6th, 2019

Captain Ron Wolek Will Be Returning to Fantasy Fest This Year and He Has an Opportunity Waiting Just for You!

Hunter S Thompson once placed this advertisement in the Keys

Make your way to the Sugarloaf Lodge Marina and jump on the Gonzo Tours for an adventure in fishing, snorkeling and diving. Gonzo Tours also features moonlight cruises and fast boats in the ocean at night. So experience the dark underbelly of Key West, Florida at this years Fantasy Fest by taking a voyage on Gonzo Tours!

This what the vague and mysterious advertisement american writer Hunter S Thompson once placed in the 1970s. Perhaps he was missing his companion, Oscar “Zeta” Acosta; whom Thompson recounted his adventures with as Dr. Gonzo and Raul in the famed Rolling Stone Magazine article; “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.

Ron Wolek is deeply connected to Gonzo Tours, as he’s made an appearance as Hunter S Thompson’s compadre on the award winning one – hour documentary on PBS The Rise and Fall of The Brown Buffalo, which documents the life and times of Oscar Zeta Acosta, known as Dr. Gonzo, who inspired this advertisement Hunter S Thompson placed. This film was executive produced by Benicio Del Toro; whom also played Dr. Gonzo in the Johnny Depp version of the cinematic “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.

Wolek was also the hair and makeup designer for the documentary and is a big fan of Dr. Gonzo. Creating the most lifelike likeness of Acosta and Thompson ever appearing on screen. He has returned to Fantasy Fest in Gonzo style, to set up a body painting booth next to Fair-villa called “The Beauty Garden”. The Beauty Garden is a exy but pychedlic acid trip into the creative energy of Wolek’s persona, Captain Ron Wolek; whom was created during Fantasy Fest 2017. You can get a original Captain Ron Wolek piece of art painted on you October 20-26 next to Fairvilla on 524 Front Street in Key West. Reservations can be made by clicking the button below:

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