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Handle Bar Mustache


hand tied man made custom mustaches ready to ship!



Hand Tied, Human Hair, Super Realistic Theatrical Movie Queality Halloween Mustaches that can be used as a legit disguise! Only $25 this season! Normally $62.72! Custom made in the USA by Wolek’s Famous Mustache Parlor; a 3rd generation american barber. There is surplus of Wolek’s Famous Mustaches that must go now! BUY BUY BUY! Doncha wanna pencil thin mustache? The Boston Blackie Kind? Two Toned Ricky Ricardos? WEEEESE GOTS THE MUSTACHE FOR YOU! At Wolek’s Mustache Parlor, we put hair on your face! Hand made and ready to ship on order.
  • modern hipster
  • Rollie Fingures
  • Captain Hook from Peter Pan
  • old timey dastardly villain who ties damsels to rail road tracks
  • vintage boxer or circus strong man
  • cowboy or citizen of the old west
  • Bill “the Butcher” from Gangs of New York
  • Winky the bartender in Mr. Toad


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