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New fundraiser drops June 18th 2021 to help the heroes from the A.H. of Monroe County, Inc. provide essential community services to people in the Florida Keys.


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Florida Man has created an amazing fundraiser concept to help Monroe County community charity. From June 18th until October 22nd 2021, artists from Key West’s Fantasy Fest will be giving away the new colorful Captain Ron Wolek’s Amazing Fantasy Fest Magazine for free after a $10 donation to their fundraiser. Find out how you can help out and donate now at Money raised through this fundraiser will be given to A.H. of Monroe County, Inc. (AH). 


Issue one, “In the Blaze of Paint”, features colorful photos and an original story about a pink mermaid who can fly. The magazine also focuses on Key West. Four collectible issues are planned to be released during the fundraiser leading up to a special edition that comes out in October to celebrate the 2021 Fantasy Fest. 


Ron Wolek came up with the idea for the fundraiser in October 2020.


“I was feeling hopeless knowing Fantasy Fest would be postponed and while walking around Key West I came across some graffiti with a powerful message. Instantly the idea came to me about what to do without Fantasy Fest and I got to work fast,” Wolek said about the magazine’s origins. “We have to wonder, without Key West’s acceptance: would a once risque sixties art movement ever become the respected art form it is today?”


The body painters goal is to give back and also bring Florida more recognition for its contributions to elevating modern Body Painting. Key West was among the first places to appreciate beautifully drawn body paint that allowed the painters to evolve into respected artists.


“Despite my career in Hollywood, I always felt like the ugly duckling of the makeup world, except for when I worked in Key Westwhere I felt truly accepted and embraced by the one human family while I was there,” Wolek explains. “That is why the contributing artists are so passionate about this fundraiser, because we all feel Key West is a second home.”



Wolek spent all October 2020 painting bodies in photo studios to develop content. Then he contacted the official Fantasy Fest organizers We’ve Got The Keys and Nadene Grossman Orr and Lindsay Sigafoos to ask for help in choosing a charity. They recommended Wolek select AH.


“We are incredibly flattered someone of Ron’s talent and popularity would think of AH as its beneficiary,” said Agency Executive Director Scott Pridgen. “We look forward to this colorful collaboration to celebrate the return of Fantasy Fest.”


ABOUT A.H. of Monroe County, Inc. (AH):

AH provides medical case management, nutritional options, counseling, affordable housing and other supportive services; in addition to health education, prevention and linkage to care to all of Monroe County Florida.



Captain Ron Wolek’s Amazing Fantasy Fest Magazine is being published by Big Wig Studios, Inc. in Kissimmee, Florida. The fundraiser will begin June 18th 2021 and conclude before Fantasy Fest starts on October 21st 2021. Donations are requested to be $10 to receive a free magazine and entered into a $800 body painting sweepstakes for Fantasy Fest 2021.


Orders placed in advance for issue number one “In A Blaze Of Paint” are ready to ship and issue number two “It Came From Caroline St.”, is slated for August.


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ABOUT CAPT RON WOLEK HOLLYWOOD BODY PAINTING: Beauty Garden reservations for the 2021 Fantasy Fest can be made at




PHOTO LIST & CREDITS(All images may be credited when optional to Capt Ron Wolek Hollywood Body Art; with exception to “AH Logo” or the images “Capt Ron Wolek at Wig Camp” portrait; this image only permission to use with crediting photographer.)

  1. Captain Ron Wolek at WIg Camp by Rosamond Norbury; Wig Camp Canada, Vancouver, BC Canada 2018; 
  2. Captain Ron Wolek body painting Daniel Krauchenberg by Keith Jackson; Big Wig Studios, Costa Mesa, CA USA 2019; 
  3. Guitar Boy Body Art by Capt Ron; Big Wig Studios, Costa Mesa, CA 2019; 
  4. Capt Ron Hollywood Body Art Logo; 
  5. A.H. of Monroe County, Inc. Logo.;
  6. Ron Wolek IMDb Pro Graphic.; 
  7. Capt Ron Wolek Hollywood Body Art 2021 Promo Graphic